CMTV founder and chief broadcast cameraman Peter Burnett has a strong pedigree. Trained as a BBC sound engineer at the corporation’s Milton Keynes Open University Production centre, he is skilled in camera, lighting and post-production work


Moving on to further work with a number of leading audio visual companies, he dealt successfully with clients as prestigious as Rover, Sooner Snacks, Wrangler, the Book People and Nestle


He also has considerable experience in the charitable sector, with 20 years of experience filming and working in locations as diverse as Albania, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iran, Morocco and Tunisia


He has also had to work from scratch in difficult situations like the flooding in Mozambique, post-fighting reconstruction in Afghanistan and disaster relief during the fighting in Kosovo and Iraq


Peter has produced many high-impact promotional and fundraising videos, raising awareness about humanitarian needs around the world. His work has been used on national television, including the BBC’s Songs of Praise programme


His logistical skills, cultural sensitivity and experience in difficult situations make him the reliable choice for powerful results

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